Talks for accountants

Talks available for 2023

The following talks are available as a 30 – 60 minute keynote

The ScaleUp Blueprint

(Also available as a 1 – 3 day workshop)

Do you want to build a successful business while working just 25 hours per week? Learn how to create a highly systemised business which can function independently of the business owner. Scale your business and make more free time for yourself. With specific actions that can set you on the road to a 25 hour week.

Also available as a workshop

Changing the Numbers: how to deliver advisory services your clients will love       

Based on the book of the same name Della covers:

  • Advisory vs compliance
  • What advice to give
  • Advisory session template
  • Preparing your firm
  • Selling advisory
  • Pricing advisory

Also available as a workshop

The Numbers Business: how to grow a successful cloud accountancy practice     

Based on her award winning book Della walks you through how she created not one, but two, cloud accountancy practices and how you can do the same.

Also available as a workshop

Pricing: how to charge what you’re worth

Have you ever wondered how can you charge enough to do a job of which you can be proud? How to provide more services to existing clients without feeling as though you’re ripping them off? And how you can set about those awkward conversations about actually increasing your prices?

Della will provide advice on how to do all of this based on experience in a real accountancy practice.

Dealing with difficult clients

Do you have clients who cause you pain but resist realistic fees? Clients who bring everything in at the last minute? You know you deserve better clients but how can you turn those D clients into Cs or wave a final farewell?

Della will provide ideas on how to triage your clients, how to improve their behaviour, and what to say if you finally decide to disengage.

Social media: how to punch above your weight               

Hudson Accountants generated around 1/3 of their new business through social media. As a sole practitioner Della was consistently in the Economia 50 list of Top Financial Influencers and is now regularly in the top 10 of the Avalara Accountancy Top 100. Find out how Della achieved these stunning results and whether social media is right for you.