Talks for businesses

Talks available for 2023

The following talks are available as a 30 – 60 minute keynotes but may also be suitable for adapting into workshops so do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Finance for Business Owners

A series of three talks (also available as a single workshop or individual sessions) for business owners who are terrified of their numbers.

– Basic bookkeeping

This doesn’t cover double entry but instead gives a quick explanation and demonstration of what the main cloud accounting software can do for you and your business. We can provide this as a two hour workshop so attendees can bring their own laptops.

– Understanding your accounts

Taking the fear out of the numbers and helping you understand where to focus your attention. What are the key numbers and what do they mean? We cover this in three stages (essential, nice to have, and advanced) so that attendees can stop listening when they start to feel overwhelmed

– Everything you wanted to ask your accountant but were afraid to ask

In this session we cover a lot of the FAQs of business owners and you’re welcome to ask more generic questions (we are unable to give individual advice)

(This workshop can also be adapted for discussing finances in larger organisations using your own systems, jargon and management reports)

Pricing: how to charge what you’re worth

Have you ever wondered how can you charge enough to do a job of which you can be proud? How to provide more services to existing clients without feeling as though you’re ripping them off? And how you can set about those awkward conversations about actually increasing your prices?

Della will provide advice on how to do all of this based on experience in a real accountancy practice.

Social media: how to punch above your weight               

Hudson Accountants generated around 1/3 of their new business through social media. As a sole practitioner Della was consistently in the Economia 50 list of Top Financial Influencers and is now regularly in the top 10 of the Avalara Accountancy Top 100. Find out how Della achieved these stunning results and whether social media is right for you.

How to write a business plan

Business plans are essential for running a successful business. You need to know where you’re going and what resources (including funding) you will need to get there.

In this one day course we will look at:
• The link between business and personal goals
• Your vision for your business
• Building your plan with details about your business, your product, your market and your competitors as well as identifying potential roadblocks
• Setting your actions and milestones

• Building your plan with numbers to show income and costs over 12 months and 5 years (profit and loss), the expected position at the end of each year (balance sheet) and the money that you will need to run your business (cashflow)

By the end of the day you will have a draft written plan as well as some basic numbers suitable for focusing your business or applying for grants and loans.

(This workshop can also be adapted for writing internal business plans in larger organisations)