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The Numbers Business: how to build a successful cloud accountancy practice

Who it’s for
This is the manual every qualified accountancy professional needs to read before setting up their own practice.

Sharing ideas & experience
Having applied her corporate experience to building a modern cloud accountancy practice, Della Hudson presents her road map to help you to do the same. Here, she shares her hard-earned knowledge so that other accountancy professionals can grow their own successful, scaleable and even sellable businesses.

This book is a road map that will help a qualified professional to: start a successful business from scratch with no personal or business contacts; move from the kitchen table to an office space; recruit and train a team of technical and administrative staff; create a highly systemised business, which can function independently of the business owner; run an ethical business that contributes to the local community; host and speak at business events; set up a marketing system that operates even during the busiest periods in order to grow the business organically; purchase and even sell a business.

Growing by Numbers: how to scale up your small business with confidence

So, you’re feeling ready to start scaling up your business?

But how can you be sure your finances are properly primed to make this momentous step the success it deserves to be? This authoritative, motivating and highly practical guide will take you step-by-step through everything you need to think about, know and do to get your business into the best possible shape for growth.

Work through a tried, tested and rigorous process that will help you:

  • Get organised, plan and strategise for success.
  • Take control of your costs so you can mitigate risks and grow with confidence.
  • Build a strong, productive team that will drive the growth you want.
  • Shape your role so you can move from the engine room to the bridge with ease.

Changing the Numbers: how to deliver advisory services for success

How many other accountants are sick of hearing that “compliance is dead” and that we should all move into advisory?

But what if compliance is all that you know and all that really interests you? Well, this book will give you an idea of whether you want to make the move or not. Whilst the future of accountancy lies in helping clients to change their numbers rather than to record them, compliance isn’t dead yet.

For those who want to introduce advisory services to their clients Part One of this book provides a simple “how to” for those wanting to get started. It’s based on what works in Della’s own practices.  

  • What is advisory
  • How to prepare your practice
  • Staffing and software
  • A typical advisory session
  • Making money from advisory services

If you don’t know where to start with offering advice Part Two shares “what to” speak to your clients about. Whether they want to increase profit, business value or just reclaim some time you can help with advice on

  • Vision and values
  • Improving cashflow
  • Increasing pricing
  • Finding funding
  • Implementing automation
  • Introducing sales and marketing strategies
  • And, of course, tax planning

As trusted advisers we have an opportunity to make a real difference to our clients’ lives and to help them to realise their dreams. How can we deny them our help? Reading this book is your first step to changing their numbers.

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